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What Is QWO?

The dimpled, lumpy appearance of cellulite on the butt can be frustrating, embarrassing, and hard to get rid of. For years, women have tried just about every method under the sun to fight cellulite with little to no results – until now. At the Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Schmid and Dr. Mooty offer QWO, the latest cutting-edge treatment for cellulite on the buttocks. QWO is a revolutionary injectable treatment that has been achieving dramatic reductions in the appearance of cellulite for women of all ages and levels of cellulite. If you're looking for a new weapon in the fight against cellulite on your butt, call us today to learn more about QWO and to schedule a consultation.

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How Does QWO Work?

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved nonsurgical, minimally invasive injectable treatment to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks. QWO, a prescription medicine containing collagenase enzymes, is injected directly into the dimples of the buttocks. These enzymes target the root cause of cellulite under the skin, working three ways:

  • Releasing the fibrous bands that cause cellulite
  • Redistributing fat cells
  • Stimulating new collagen growth

Most patients start seeing results in as little as ten weeks after three treatments three weeks apart.

Get Rid Of Your Cellulite With QWO

You don't have to accept living with a dimpled, lumpy-looking butt. Take the fight to your cellulite with a QWO treatment. At the Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute in Lubbock, TX, our doctors and expert staff are always ready to answer your questions about cellulite treatment options and how QWO can work for you. Call us today to learn more, schedule a private consultation, and start your journey to the smoother behind you want.

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