Areola Reconstructive Tattoos in Lubbock, TX

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About Areola Reconstructive Tattoos

Areola reconstructive tattoos can be performed by Dillon Land at Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute or at Emerald Empire Tattoo by appointment only. It is recommended that you wait 6 months from your final reconstruction surgery for your tattoos, as they are permanent. The tattooing itself takes 20- 40 mins, but expect your overall experience to take around2 hours for the measuring/symmetry process and for the custom pigment matching for your skin. You may feel little sensations during the tattooing process, but this will be a short procedure for lifetime results. Please do not bring or use topical numbing or anesthesia.


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Areola Reconstructive Tattoo Healing

Healing times can vary but usually it takes 7-12 days. During your healing process you might see some light scabbing or skin flaking, but this is normal. Washing the area and applying thin coats of ointment are normally all that is required to get a good, well healed result in 7-12 days. Please make sure you bring/wear a bra to your appointment.

How long will my Areola Reconstructive Tattoo last?

The Areola Reconstructive Tattoo will last a lifetime. Some slight fading may occur over time, but it will be minimal. Normally, Dillon tries to tattoo the area lighter rather than darker, as we can always darken the area, but we can not lighten it after the tattoo is completed. Because he tries to stay on the lighter side, it is possible that a touch up visit may be required.

Areola Reconstructive Tattoo Procedure

YES, each room is private.
You may bring only one additional person who can be in the room with you during your procedure.


The procedure will not be billed through Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute. You will be responsible for payment at time of service to Dillon Land and a deposit may be required.

Pricing for a typical bi-lateral reconstruction is $500.00-600.00 and single reconstruction is $375.00. If you are needing touch-ups or other matching services, Dillon can discuss further pricing with you.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.