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If you're starting to see the signs of aging, like drooping jowls and cheeks, deepening nasolabial folds (smile lines), and more but aren't quite ready for facelift surgery, there are other options. Silhouette lnstaLift is the latest in minimally invasive treatments to reduce the signs of aging for a more youthful, reinvigorated look without having to undergo surgery. At the Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute in Lubbock and Midland, TX, Dr. Robert P. Schmid, and Dr. R. Clark Mooty offer the Silhouette lnstaLift for both women and men to achieve a refreshed, younger look with this easy outpatient procedure. Call us to learn more and to schedule a consultation.

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How Does Silhouette Instalift Work?

With a thread lift, you get subtle but noticeable improvements in the tightness of your facial skin without having to undergo surgery. A thread lift works by using temporary sutures to lift the skin of the face, reducing wrinkles and sagging. But it also activates the body's healing process to produce more collagen in the treated area. So there is an instantly noticeable improvement in your face, but you can also see continuing improvements as your body produces more collagen, giving you a rejuvenated look.

Silhouette lnstaLift is the next-generation thread lift with added cone structures on each thread, allowing the facial tissue to more easily fix itself to the thread for better results. Local anesthetic will be applied to the area, then using specialized needles, insert the threads. Once the threads are inserted, they will be tightened while they move the skin into place to create your new facial profile. It is an easy outpatient procedure with little discomfort and a short recovery time. The results? Many patients are amazed at the difference.

Rejuvenate Your Look With Silhouette Instalift

Are you ready for a tighter, younger-looking face but not ready for facelift surgery? Call the Lubbock Plastic Surgery Institute in Lubbock, TX today to learn more about what a Silhouette lnstaLift treatment can do for you, and then schedule a personal consultation. With Silhouette lnstaLift, you get all the pros of a facelift without painful surgery, higher price, and long recovery time. That's a win-win situation.

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